The Ultimate Space Orchestra Strategy Board Game

Step into the role of a space orchestra manager with Philharmonix, the worker placement game that combines music and sci-fi in an out-of-this-world experience!

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Compose Your Masterpiece and Tour the Galaxy

Philharmonix is a crunchy euro board game for 1-4 players where you take on the role of a Space Orchestra Manager as you tour the galaxy on your concert hall ship to perform your magnificent symphonies in orbit of mesmerizing planets.

Theme Matching Gameplay 

Send your orchestra on missions to perform on different planets, strategically acquire new talented musicians, and train them to reach their full potential. Please the patrons that sponsor these concerts with your performances, and watch out for unexpected challenges along the way!


Find talented musicians across the galaxy and recruit them in your orchestra.

Use your experience to train your musicians and upgrade them to a greater level.

Compose harmonious symphonies and create records to keep a digitalized trace of your music for ages to come.

Tour the galaxy with your concert hall ship and perform your symphonies to fulfill demands.

Develop your ship's hyperspace drive to gain more action points and travel faster across the great galaxy.

Please the patrons with your magnificent performances and gain bonuses and rewards.

Beautiful Artwork

200+ unique artworks and sleek graphics further immerse the player in the world of Philharmonix. Enjoy the different musicians and patrons as you play the game.

High Quality Materials

Linen finishes, durable wood and cardboard materials, musician stages and custom dice and a fine attention to detail make this game a great tactile experience.

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We're Launching Soon. Get the exclusive bonus mini expansion "Galactic Festival" by signing up now!